Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Bad Days and Ramblings

I am having a bad day today so I am going to vent via blog, bear with me here.

I woke up at 7Am because the neighbors across the street are installing a pool and making waves of unwanted noise in the process. So, after tossing and turning in my bed for a few hours, drifting in and out of sleep, I surrendered and got dressed. I realized that my clothes were still damp after their usual cycle in the dryer, but I put them on anyway. I made my coffee and prepared myself for todays activities. I had been planning to spend the whole weekend studying for my very important finals (which I plan on failing) but of course I goofed off and procrastinated until today, the day before the exam.

I pulled up the internet to take my last online test for my Psych class only to find that the internet was disconnected. After fiddling with the box that wirelessly feeds the world wide web into my MacBook, I began my test. About halfway through this exam I developed a headache and was getting extremely aggravated at the intense, unrelenting buzzing sound coming from my window. The noise was a constant ringing that you can feel deep within your bones. That's the only way to describe it. The noise was going to drive me to insanity, very quickly. I tried my best to focus and eventually made it to the last question in a daze. It took me about 45 min to complete the gruesome assignment, but I was relived to be done. I actually did well on it, receiving a 100 out of 125.

After the test I was mentally exhausted and needed a break. I turned on the TV but out of the thousands of channels, I couldn't find anything I wanted to watch. I went outside (with headphones in to block the noise) and fed my rabbits only to realize that ants had decided it would be a good idea to relocate their home under a weight used to hold down the lids to the cages. After removing said weight I was suddenly covered in angry, black dots, scurrying up my hand. I grabbed the nearest water bottle (also used as a weight) and drowned the offending creatures, playing God with their tiny city. It's not my fault they died, they should have known not to mess with me today.

I went back inside and got on my computer to check my email and refresh my iPod with new music. While I was waiting for an update I started cleaning Bella's cage (Bella is my indoor bunny)
She had managed to eat more of her cage
 and remove chunks of tile from her 4 floor mansion and throw them in the floor. I vacuumed all the bits and pieces up only to have her bite my hand while reaching through the first story door. No blood was drawn but there was ample amounts of pain. After scolding her and finishing the job, I had to go outside to help my father bring in his new safe. I was trapped in his office for 10 min while he blocked the only exit with his new purchase.

I then went to my room to put my hair into a pony tail because it is 90 degrees out here in the Texas heat today. My hair tie snapped on the last twist around my thick hair, I then had to start over and fix my hair, again. I moved on to the game room and proceeded to activate my iPod, turning the volume up so high that I'm sure I will be hearing impaired after today. At least I won't hear that awful, nauseating buzzing from outside.

So here I sit, listening to my blaring iPod and blogging about my lovely day. I have no electricity in my game room at the moment because my father is using my breaker to power his excessively noisy tools. So that also means I have no fan in here, did I mention it's 90 degrees outside??

I've only just realized that I have not eaten anything all day, other than have my coffee. That might explain why I feel weak and sick, not to mention annoyed beyond all belief. I have to be at work tonight by 6PM and it's currently 2:57PM. I need to find a lint roller because I am wearing a black shirt that I accidentally washed and dried with my fuzzy, rainbow toe socks. I am covered in sparkly glitter and fuzz. Maybe I could pass as a vampire. After all, I am wearing my Alice shirt from the book and movie Twilight.

Ugh, if only that constant buzzing, inside vibrating, heinous noise would cease, maybe I could study for my Psych exam that I need to do well on to even have a splinter of a hope at passing the class this semester.

*talks to myself* "Deep breath, Amanda. Nobody wants to read your ranting."

Alright, I need to go find some food so I wont pass out again. (Trust me, it's not as fun as it sounds.) I guess I will blog again another day. Thank you for following my blog and putting up with my ramblings. Anyone who follows me is awesome, just thought I would let you know that! :) Have a great day!

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