Saturday, May 21, 2011

Updates and a Teaser

Thought I'd post a teaser from my WIP#3, The Bridge Between Two Minds:

"I felt so numb, like I’d finally gotten a sense of closure about this whole ordeal. Dan was gone, I knew that in my mind, but now I felt it in my heart. It was a calming feeling, more than saddening, and I was grateful. For the first time in weeks I felt hopeful."

I just started my new job this week at Primrose School so I haven't had time to write like I was hoping. The money will be nice though. Maybe I can buy a Mac and a new desk sometime this year. After I cancel my AT&T phone and get a Virgin Mobile phone (to save more $$$).

Hopefully I'll have some more time to blog this summer since I'm not taking summer courses this year. I'll only be working 20-35 hours a week so I should have some spare time to blog and/or work on my books.

I'm going to work on my WIP#3 today. I really want to finish it by Fall of this year. No promises though. I'm not quite sure where my characters are going to take me yet. I might have to talk it over with my cousin/brother, Jacob. He's pretty good at letting me bounce ideas off of him. He wants to be a writer too, in his spare time. It's nice having him there when I get stuck and feel like giving up. He's a pretty smart kid, or well, teen. He'll be 17 this summer!! It feels like just yesterday we were jumping on his toddler bed, watching Blues Clues together, and playing in the sand box. I guess time flies when you're having fun! HA!

I DO have the name of the anthology that my short story will be in. It will be called "Voices of Angels" and it's being published by Bridge House Publishing, this summer, late July. The forward will be written by Gloria Hunniford (who is some person from the UK that had a talk show or something). Not going to lie, I'm kinda excited to see my short story, Blue Lipped Angel, in print.

I also got my first ticket last week. I ran a red light because the person behind me was too close and I couldn't stop in time without them hitting me, so my front tires crossed the white line 0.64 seconds after the light turned red... Sooooo I had a 77.95 dollar fine. Which is NOT cool.

So, this is just an update on what I'm up to. Not much really. Maybe something exciting will happen soon and give me something fun to post about.

A. J. Spindle