Saturday, November 30, 2013

R.I.P. Bella

November 18, 2007-November 29, 2013
I miss your nose, the way it wiggled and twitched,
Your sweet kisses and nose rubs. In your love, I was stitched.
You had my heart, I was wrapped around your paw.
I ‘ll miss waking to the sound of your jingle bell ball.
You always thumped your back feet when I made you mad.
You were the best Bella Bunny I ever had.
I’ll miss calling you Bells, or Arabella when you were in trouble
But most of all, I will miss our warm cuddles.

Saturday, December 1, 2012

Brown Recluse Bite Update

Well, I've been way too busy to post an update on my Brown Recluse bite, so let me catch you up.

Saturday, the 24th, I went back to the ER for a follow up. I had 93 random bruises all over my body and the rash was worse. It felt like my skin was on fire! The doctor took one look at me and said I was having an allergic reaction to the antibiotics they gave me on Thursday. The nurse came in and stabbed me in he back of the arm with an epipen and a respiratory therapist tried to give me a breathing treatment, but when I asked her why I needed one, she looked at the nurse and said, "Ummmm.... I don't know." So I politely responded with, "Then I don't want it. I want to speak with the doctor again."

They also gave me 3 super strength steroids and a Claritin.

So the doctor comes back and I call my dad to come find me in the ER. I argue with the doctor for a bit on his treatment and ridiculous diagnosis (he said the bite wasn't infected and that I don't need to be on any medication besides steroids and antihistamines.). After 2 more hours, I'm released an told to follow up with my family doctor in 3 days.

Three days later, I see my family doctor who couldn't believe that the ER doctor took me off all antibiotics. She gave me some really strong meds reserved for MRSA to treat the staph infection that had developed in my leg and was spreading to my bloodstream, causing a horrible, itchy, red rash all over my body. I was literally crawling out of my skin, it was so itchy!

Today, the 1st if December, I'm finally startling to feel better and the red rash is almost all gone. The bite is now caved in and still infected, but doing better.

I go back on Tuesday, the 3rd, for yet another follow up. Hopefully it will be the last, but I might have to have the infection cut out via surgery.

I was not a big fan of spiders before, but now I'm terrified! Apparently it's rare to be bitten by a brown recluse, and even more rare to have a systemic reaction like I did. And on top of all that, I'm allergic to the venom! A friend of mine suggested I buy a lottery ticket with all this luck!

I'll post again later if there's any new updates.

A. J. Spindle

Friday, November 23, 2012

A Thanksgiving to Remember

This will be a thanksgiving to remember. Let's start at the beginning, shall we?

I was getting ready for school monday, November 19th, when I pulled on a pair of jeans that had been on the floor all night. I felt something poke me twice, but didn't think much about it and went about my day. That night, about 12 hours later, I took my shirt off to take a shower and noticed a red, sunburn-like rash all over my stomach and back and a bite mark on my upper right thigh.

The next morning, the 20th, I woke up to a swollen red face, but went to work anyway. I only felt a little sick, nausea, headache, and kinda sore, but not too bad. A couple hours into work I started feeling worse and got a fever of 101 so a friend drove me home early. That night I went to the after hours clinic and they gave me some antibiotics and steroids for the swelling in my face and sent me home. At that point, the red rash was darker and very itchy.

The next day, the 21st, I got up and only had a little swelling around my eyes and my face was pink. I went to school and work without a problem. When I got home, I pulled out the jeans I had worn on monday and turned them inside out. A little brown spider fell out. It was dead, but looked like a brown recluse. I put it in a ziplock incase I needed to go back to the doctor, I could show them.

On Thanksgiving, I woke up at 10 a.m. to go to my aunts house for lunch with my family. But then I saw that my legs had dark red streaks and I was bleeding under my skin all over my body. I showed my parents and they took the food over to my aunts house and off we went to the ER.

I stayed for 3 hours while they ran blood tests and tried to figure out if it was really a brown recluse that bit me. I was finally released and told to return in 48 hours to check the rash, bleeding, and bite. They switched my antibiotics, gave me some anti-itching meds, and told me to keep taking steroids to bring down the swelling. Now my skin is peeling and feels sunburned and EXTREMELY itchy.

Now I'm at home and doing okay. I got back in tomorrow. The bleeding rash thing is still very itchy, but the meds they gave me knock me out so I don't want to take them in the daytime. Hopefully I won't have another IV thing (they left it in after drawing blood incase I needed meds right then). I'm not a big fan of needles *shivers*

Today I found another brown recluse in the house and it was ALIVE!! You should have seen my mom and I scramble to kill the thing before it tried to escape! It was funny, but seriously, these little guys can do so much damage. It's unbelievable!

Below are some pictures of my trip to the ER:

My IV line.

The bite 11-22-12

The bleeding rash spreading down my legs. This was all over my back and stomach too.

And finally, me. I call this picture "E.T. Phone Home."

I hope your thanksgiving was less eventful than mine!
A. J. Spindle

Saturday, September 15, 2012

New Computer?!

So I finally broke down and bought myself an iMac. You know, that shiny, sleek, beautiful monitor that has the whole computer inside? Yeah, that one. I got the one with 1,0024 GB because I've used most of the memory on my little MacBook.

I've wanted a desk top for a while now so that I can properly edit my documents by having two screens open at the same time.

I started my8th semester of college a few weeks ago. It's quite challenging. I'm taking Anatomy and Physiology I and Lab, Microbiology and Lab, Pharmacology, and Spanish III. The lab for Micro is pretty intense. We got to handle e.coli and other bacteria that I can't remember the name of.

Why am I taking all these classes? Oh, because I've put the English Major thing on hold for a while as I try to get into the Surgical Technician program at College #1.

I'm still teaching preschool and having fun with that. I haven't had ANY time to work on books, or READ them, for that matter. My schedule is as follows:

6:00 a.m. Wake up
7:20 a.m. Go to school
2:30 p.m. Go to job number one
6:30 p.m. Go to job number two
9:00 p.m. Come home
9:30 p.m. Eat dinner
9:45 p.m. Study until I can't see straight
11:40 p.m. Go go bed

So, as you can see, that doesn't leave me with much free time. My only days off are Saturdays and they're usually filled with homework and cleaning the house.

I've been cleaning out my desk today and came across all my old spiral notebooks containing just about every short story I've ever written. I also found the beginning of my children's book, Bennett Nelson scrawled across several pages from when I was 15 years old.

I might turn Bennett into an ebook since I've had no luck with finding a literary agent. Maybe I can at least get it out there for others to see instead of taking up space on my hard drive.

Well, it's 10:40 pm already. Guess I better get back to cleaning up the house so I can get to bed and watch a few episodes of Gray's Anatomy.

A. J. Spindle

Monday, April 23, 2012

Long time, No Blog.

Well, a lot of things have changed since I last blogged. I turned 21 years old, got the iPhone I've always dreamed of, made new friends, got baptized, started and almost finished my last semester of college #1, and most importantly, published my children's story.

As you can see in the screenshot below, I self published my kids story as a FREE e-book. You can download it on Apple's iBooks store, through Barnes and Noble, or Kobo. If you download it, PLEASE leave a review. I don't care if you hate it, tell me in a review. (but please don't hate it!) :)

Here is my new used desk! It's been in our guest room for many years now, and I decided my old desk was too small for writing and doing homework. The only downside to this desk is that it doesn't have any drawers. But it will do for now until I can get a fancy desk with a matching bookshelf. :)

You can see Bella in her cage, staring me down. She likes to try and grab my hair through the bars as I sit at the desk. You can also see the color coded index cards on the wall on the right. Those are character cards for Bennett Nelson so I can just look up and see all the info about each character when I'm writing. And no, I do not go to A&M. I just like the coffee mug!

So as for turning 21, it's not that great. I had a quiet birthday, just went out to eat dinner with some friends from work, who are awesome by the way! And I bought myself an iPhone, like I've always wanted. Now I'm just afraid I'll drop it and shatter the screen! Haha!

I'm working on my 10 page research paper for English. I chose to write about feminism in The Yellow Wallpaper. I'm on page eight so far. I really need to go back over it to make sure it's okay. I'd rather not get a bad grade on this paper since it's worth 30% of my grade.

Work is still going well. I still love my kiddos and their antics. I just wish I could be with them longer each day. 4-6 hours a day isn't enough. During the summer I'll be working 40 hours a week instead of 20-30, but my other job takes a break for summer.

Another change is that I changed my major, or well, added another one. I'll still be majoring in English (but I'm taking a break next semester to focus on the other degree). I'll be applying to get into the surgical technician program at school #1. After this semester (if I by some miracle pass math) I will be graduating in May of this year! (That's one month away) I will have my Associate of Arts. I just need this one math class; statistics!

Well, I better go work on my research paper before I have to go into work early today. Don't forget to download my kids book! It's FREE so you have no excuse!! :)

A. J. Spindle

Saturday, November 19, 2011

Well, it Finally Happened. I'm in a Book!

So I got my first glance at the anthology I'm in. It's pretty and shiny and full of awesome, although I might be a bit biased :)

I took pictures with it as you can see above. I signed a copy for my aunt and grandmother and still have a few other people asking for me to sign theirs. If you wish to purchase one, you can do so at Amazon or online at Barnes and Noble. You could also ask your local book store to stock them, which would be really cool if you would. You can even get one from the publisher here.

I think I'll have to do a give away soon, that should be exciting. Maybe the anthology if I can snag another copy.

School and work are going well. Very tiring, but doable. I get two days off this week for Thanksgiving which I'm grateful for. I need a break!! Haha!

Um... comment if you read this please so I can see how many people actually read this blog. Thanks!


Saturday, July 9, 2011

A Short Story I wrote in March 2011

Comments are appreciated. I will probably delete this post after a while, it just depends. It has no title so if you can think of one, suggest it in the comments!! :)

No Title
A. J. Spindle
The rocks and debris bite into my skin as I drop to my knees. All I can see is the blue tarp in front of me, completely still. The hair on my arms stands, leaving a tingling, icy feeling, despite my many layers. The police men don’t say anything as they watch from behind. I reach out and pinch the corner of the tarp, hand shaking, and pull it back.

My sister, my beautiful little sister and the last of my family, lay silently with her black hair pushed back, away from her eyes that are half open as though she were just waking. I look away. My nose burns and my throat closes up. A hand flies to my mouth, startling me, but it’s mine; a knee-jerk reaction. I can’t speak. There really isn’t anything to say. My teeth sink into my lower lip and I rest my forehead on my knees to make the world stop spinning while I blink back tears.

There’s a strong hand on my shoulder, rooting me to the spot, digging me deeper into the rubble of our home. “I’m sorry. I’m so, so sorry,” he whispers.

I turn and look, it’s one of the men who lived on my street. His eyes are watery and gray, rimmed in red. Folds of paper thin skin drape over them like a canopy. He opens his mouth to speak but I can’t hear him. There’s waves of rushing water in my ears as the blood pumps through my veins. I only have one thought: My heart’s beating and hers is not.

I stand quickly and rock back on my heels. The man catches me and puts an arm around my shoulder. I want to shrug it off, like it doesn’t matter if he cares, but I can’t. I’m so numb. I don’t know how I can move when my body feels this heavy, like my sadness is a thick, wet wool blanket draped over me. It’s suffocating. I’m led to the jeep and someone helps me into a seat, buckles me in. As we begin to drive away, the cold air chills me to the bone and I wonder for a second if I can ever really feel warm again.

I wake up in the middle of the night, feeling as if someone had scrapped out my insides with a dull knife. There’s an emptiness in the pit of my stomach. I swallow hard, trying to hold down the pain and nausea. I roll over on my side and shrug off my blanket. The room is filled with quiet snores, people asleep all around me, dreaming like the earthquake and tsunami didn’t happen. I envy them, peacefully asleep, able to dream while all I had was a nightmare. I get out of my makeshift bed walk around. Each face I see reminds me I’m not alone in my grief.

A child is curled up into a ball next to her mother, her eyes shut. She’s holding a doll. It’s filthy, covered in dirt and grime, but she clutches it like it’s the last good thing on Earth. Maybe it’s all she has left; the only thing not taken from her. I turn away, brush the wetness from my cheeks, and move on. There’s an old man hunched over in the corner, away from the others. His head is bent forward as if in prayer, but his lips aren’t moving. His chest rises and drops evenly with each breath. Did he lose someone too? A wife? A son? A daughter? Was he all alone now, like me?

It’s too much. I need out. I take a flashlight and go out the front doors. Nobody stops me. Why would they? With me gone, there’d me more room for the others. Someone would notice I left and take my blanket to put on top of their own.
I pull my coat closer around my ears, wandering around, not quite sure where I’m going until my feet take me there. Before I know it, I’m standing in front of my home, or what’s left of it. There’s a little bit of our roof to my left, spread across the muddy ground. To my right is a heap of scrap metal and chunks of wood that used to be the walls.

I shine my little flashlight at the debris. Photographs of me and my sister litter the yard, pieces of my room are half buried under a wall. My eyes stop when they see what’s left of my bookshelf. I climb over the rubble to get to it and scoop up a book. The cover is torn off, pages wavy and splayed out like a Japanese folding fan. It’s soggy with sea water. I drop it back to the ground. It’s trash now.

It’s so quiet it hurts my ears. I have to make some noise or I’ll go mad. I kick the heap of trash in front of me and hear a snap as the wood breaks. It’s comforting, in it’s own way. I kick it again, and again. Finally, I stop and just stand there. I try to picture our house before the disaster. The front door should be here, right in front, and the kitchen window should be to the left, next to a shrub. The walkway should go from the door to where I’m standing now.

There’s nothing left. I’ll have to go back to America, where my aunt and uncle live. Mom and Dad always wanted us to move back anyway. I guess it would be a way to honor them now. I was born there, but I don’t remember much of it; just glimpses like peeking at a photograph. Still images of an open field, horses, and cars. Lots and lots of cars.

The sun begins to rise. I should go, but I need one last goodbye. I stumble over a metal pipe and fall, skinning the palms of my hands on something rough. I sit up, more tears fall, but not because of the pain, it’s because I see her, laying there like she didn’t have a care in the world.

Curled up under the rubble was Mioko, my four-month-old kitten. I crawl over to her on my hands and knees, my clothes snagging on the wreckage. As I get closer, my elation shrinks away to nothing. Mioko isn’t moving. Her black and brown fur is rugged and patchy like someone had sent her through the washer and dryer. I reach out to her, wanting to rest my hand on her ribs, feel the warmth of her fur under my fingers. But I don’t. I just sit there and cry, let it all out. I shed a tear for everything and everyone I lost; my home, my school, my job, Mom, Dad, my sister, and now my little kitten.

I’m wiping my eyes on my sleeve when something rubs up against my thigh, brushing against my jeans. I look down to see Mioko staring up at me with those big green eyes.

I gasp and grab her up in my arms, bury my face in her rough fur. She smells of warm seawater and garbage.

“Mioko, you stupid cat. You scared me to death.” I pull her back to look her in the eyes. She squirms and tries to get free, pawing at my hands. Here we are, the only things left and she wants to play. I just sit there and hold her to my chest, refusing to let her out of my sight.

Eventually I stand up and brush myself off, tuck Mioko under my elbow, and start walking away. Away from my home, my street, the town where I grew up. I’m not really sure where I’m going, but anywhere would be better than here. And wherever I end up, I know it will be okay again. I may not be the same person I was yesterday, but maybe that’s a good thing. Changes are scary and at the same time exciting. As I near the end of my street, I don’t turn around. I keep on walking toward my new life, wherever it may be.

Saturday, May 21, 2011

Updates and a Teaser

Thought I'd post a teaser from my WIP#3, The Bridge Between Two Minds:

"I felt so numb, like I’d finally gotten a sense of closure about this whole ordeal. Dan was gone, I knew that in my mind, but now I felt it in my heart. It was a calming feeling, more than saddening, and I was grateful. For the first time in weeks I felt hopeful."

I just started my new job this week at Primrose School so I haven't had time to write like I was hoping. The money will be nice though. Maybe I can buy a Mac and a new desk sometime this year. After I cancel my AT&T phone and get a Virgin Mobile phone (to save more $$$).

Hopefully I'll have some more time to blog this summer since I'm not taking summer courses this year. I'll only be working 20-35 hours a week so I should have some spare time to blog and/or work on my books.

I'm going to work on my WIP#3 today. I really want to finish it by Fall of this year. No promises though. I'm not quite sure where my characters are going to take me yet. I might have to talk it over with my cousin/brother, Jacob. He's pretty good at letting me bounce ideas off of him. He wants to be a writer too, in his spare time. It's nice having him there when I get stuck and feel like giving up. He's a pretty smart kid, or well, teen. He'll be 17 this summer!! It feels like just yesterday we were jumping on his toddler bed, watching Blues Clues together, and playing in the sand box. I guess time flies when you're having fun! HA!

I DO have the name of the anthology that my short story will be in. It will be called "Voices of Angels" and it's being published by Bridge House Publishing, this summer, late July. The forward will be written by Gloria Hunniford (who is some person from the UK that had a talk show or something). Not going to lie, I'm kinda excited to see my short story, Blue Lipped Angel, in print.

I also got my first ticket last week. I ran a red light because the person behind me was too close and I couldn't stop in time without them hitting me, so my front tires crossed the white line 0.64 seconds after the light turned red... Sooooo I had a 77.95 dollar fine. Which is NOT cool.

So, this is just an update on what I'm up to. Not much really. Maybe something exciting will happen soon and give me something fun to post about.

A. J. Spindle

Monday, April 18, 2011

The Girl in the Mirror

Here is the beginning of my new short story. I haven't finished it yet because I don't know if it's worth finishing. This is only part one, part two is written, but I didn't post it yet. I'm just missing the ending.
***I've now posted part two! Just scroll down until you find the part where it left off.***

The Girl in the Mirror
A. J. Spindle
The sound of winter’s first frost under her boots filled the air. Amy pulled the fur lined jacket closer around her neck and slung her backpack over her shoulder. The snow drifted around her, swirling in the wind and landing on the halfway-covered, yellow grass. Looking up to the sky, she held out her tongue and tried to catch a few flakes; her breath coming out in white wisps. She wasn’t watching her footing and her boot snagged a loose root, sending her sprawling across the frozen ground and filling her mouth with snow and dirt.

“Ugh!” She spit and rolled over, staring up at the sky. A bird sat watching her, its eyes like two red raspberries. “What are you looking at?” she asked the bird. It flew off without an answer.
Amy pushed herself up and leaned against a tree, checking the damage. Her jeans were ripped along the knees and soaked with fresh snow. “That’s just perfect.”

She stood up and dusted herself off the best she could. Her backpack landed a few feet in front of her, having slid off her shoulder when she fell. She bent down to pick it up when something shiny caught her eye. She left her bag and went over to investigate. Bending down, she reached out and pulled off a layer of vines and roots. Whatever the object was it had been there for a long time, hidden by nature’s hand.

Amy tugged the item loose and brushed off the remaining dirt on her jeans. It was a mirror, wrapped in a rounded frame and a curvy handle. The metal was rusted and scratched as if the owner had abused it. There was no telling how long the mirror had been in the middle of the woods. She’d taken the path many times before to get to and from school but she’d never noticed it.

The mirror felt cool, even through her gloves. Amy ran her fingers over the back of the frame. Swirling lines were etched deeply into the metal, creating an elegant pattern. She turned the mirror back over, reflective side up, and her stomach dropped to her toes. A young girl resembling Amy stared back.
But this girl wasn’t Amy.

She had Amy’s dark brown hair and blue eyes, but the girl in the mirror wasn’t surrounded by trees or wearing a thick coat and toboggan. The girl in the mirror wore a honey colored dress with ruffled white lace around the collar. A single heart shaped pendant dangled from a chain around her neck.

Amy dropped the mirror and took a step back. She looked over her shoulder, nobody was there. Of course not. Nobody goes into the woods but her; people believed it to be haunted. Amy took a cautious step forward and peered into the mirror. The girl was gone and only Amy’s reflection remained.

Amy let out the breath she’d been holding. She picked up the mirror and the girl appeared again, raising an eyebrow at Amy.

“Ahhh!” Amy threw the mirror and it bounced off a tree, sending shards of glass flying. Everything went dark, as if the sun had been snuffed out like a candle. The shards of mirror began to glow and Amy could hear laughter. She whipped her head around looking for the source of the sound. Something grabbed the back of her jacket and she tried to run but the thing was too strong.

“Let me go!” Amy lashed out with her arms but there was nobody behind her. A white mist tugged on her clothing, pulling her closer to the mirror shards where the laughter grew louder, more high pitched. “Help! Someone!”

The mist circled her and became thick like fog, pulling her down to the ground.


Breathing hard, Amy opened her eyes. Sunlight streamed through an open window. She was laying on her back on a hardwood floor. A young man stood over her, his face full of concern.

“Amelia, are you okay?”

She didn’t know what to say. She blinked and looked around. The smell of a sweet perfume filled the air. A marble fireplace sat to her left and to her right was a four poster bed, buried under mounds of blankets and fluffy pillows. Amy looked up at the boy who watched her with interest. His brows threaded together and his mouth set in a frown.

“Amelia, are you okay? Can you talk?” He reached a hand down to help her up.

“Why are you calling me that?” Amy finally said.

He cocked his head to the side. “Excuse me?”

“You said Amelia. Nobody calls me that.”

“I don’t understand. That’s your name. What am I supposed to call you?”


He looked over his shoulder. “Your nurse went to fetch help. Can you sit up?”

“My nurse?” She couldn’t be in a hospital. At least, she didn’t think she was. She’d never seen such a fancy hospital room before. The walls were oak paneled and there was a dressing curtain at her feet. No, certainly not in a hospital.

“I hope she can find the doctor,” the boy said, looking uneasy. Amy tried to sit up. He reached down to help.

“Who are you?” Amy asked, letting her eyes follow the features of his face. His dark green eyes led down to his pointed nose, thin lips, and square chin.

“You did take quite a spill, didn’t you.” It wasn’t a question. “I’m Ephraim.”

Amy gave him a blank stare.

“Your betrothed,” he clarified.

Amy burst out laughing. “What? Are you serious?” she said between chuckles.

Ephraim cleared his throat and looked down at her. “Quite serious.”

Something in his expression made Amy freeze. “Oh.”

The door opened and an older woman rushed in. “There she is!” she said, pointing to Amy. A balding man came in behind the woman carrying a black bag by the handle. He wore a thick wool jacket with a white scarf sticking out around his neck. He came over to where she was on the floor and set his bag down beside her.

“What happened, Amelia?” The man reached into his black bag and rummaged around.

“That’s not my name,” she said. The man paused.

“She’s confused, Doctor. She thinks her name is Amy,” Ephraim said.

“I’m not confused,” she said. “And my name is Amy. Amy Thatcher.”

The doctor nodded his head. “I see.”

“No, you don’t see. I was in the woods coming home from school when I found this mirror. There was a girl in the mirror, but she wasn’t me. She was dressed in what looked like an 18th century gown. She wore a long necklace with a heart on it.” Amy put her hands around her neck, as if to show what she meant, but her fingers found a warm metal chain there. She looked down and screamed.

“It’s on me!” she yelled. The honey colored dress and heart necklace had somehow made their way onto her body.

The doctor turned to the woman who Amy assumed was the nurse. “Help me get her in bed.”

“Why am I in this dress? What’s going on? Who are you people?” Amy thrashed on the floor trying to get the doctor and nurse’s hands off her. Her foot kicked something sharp, making her suck in a breath.

“Ow!” she looked down at her foot. A shard of glass stuck out of her heel at an odd angle. Amy pounded the floor with her fists and tears welled up in her eyes.

The doctor grabbed her foot so she couldn’t move it and spoke over his shoulder. “Ephraim, get warm water, towels, and a glass of wine for Amelia. Hurry.”

Ephraim ran from the room, not bothering to shut the door on his way out.

Amy sucked in a breath trying to ignore the jarring pain in her foot. “You people are crazy! I want to go home!”

“You are home, child,” the nurse said. “Don’t you recognize your own bedroom?”

“Hold still, Amelia. I have to remove this bit of mirror,” the doctor said.

Amy froze. “Mirror? Let me see it!” she demanded, pulling her foot away from him. She bent over and saw her reflection in the glass; her face on the mirror girl’s body. She looked up and saw bits of mirror scattered across the floor. The metal frame sat a few inches away from her. She snatched it up and turned it over in her hand.

“Be careful, you could get cut again,” the nurse said, but Amy ignored her.

“This is the mirror I found in the woods, but it’s not scratched or rusted.” Except for the splintered glass, the mirror looked brand new.

Ephraim came back with the supplies the doctor requested. He held out a glass. “Drink this, Ameli-- I mean, Amy,” he corrected.

The use of her real name threw her off. She reached out and took the glass of dark red liquid; peering inside, she sniffed. “Thanks.” She took an experimental sip. The liquid burned her throat and nose, making her cough. “I don’t think I like it,” she said, handing the cup back to Ephraim.

“You need to drink it. You’re not going to want to feel this,” the doctor said, taking her injured foot again. He took a white towel and dipped it in warm water. “Hold still.”

Amy bit her lip and whimpered as the doctor took hold of the shard of mirror and tugged. The blood left her face, leaving a light tingly felling. She laid back on the floor.

“I think I need that wine now,” she murmured, eyes squeezed shut.

Ephraim leaned down and held the cup to her lips. “Is she okay?”

The doctor grunted. “She’s having glass removed from her foot, son. What do you think?”

The doctor removed the glass and wrapped her foot in a cool cloth. The pain began to ease a little as her head grew fuzzy.

“There, that should hold. Let’s get her to bed. Ephraim, you need to leave so she can change into her bed clothes.”

“No, I want him here.” Amy handed the nurse her wine glass that she’d drained.

The woman gasped. “Amelia, you’re not in your right mind.”

“I want him here!” Amy didn’t know why, but she felt that Ephraim might actually believe her. He’d called her Amy, after all.

The doctor looked uneasy but shrugged his shoulders. “Whatever keeps her calm I suppose.”

The nurse clucked her tongue disapprovingly. “The boy better keep his peepers shut if he ever wants to see anything again.”

“I think I should wait in the hall,” Ephraim said, glancing at the nurses pursed lips. “I’ll be right back.” He walked out to the hall and shut the door.

“You too, Doctor,” the nurse said.

“I suppose I’m not needed here. Make sure she gets plenty of rest and stays in bed for the rest of the day,” he said on his way out of the room.

“She will.”

After Amy was dressed and tucked safely in bed, Ephraim was allowed back in, so long as she kept the covers pulled up to her chin.

“Could you give us some privacy?” Amy asked the nurse.

The old woman’s eyes grew big. “Privacy? Have you lost all sense of modesty, young lady?”

“I need to speak with him. In private. I guess I could get out of bed, but the doctor wanted me to rest and--”

“Oh, all right. I’ll go sit over there. Drink some more wine,” she said, handing the refilled glass to Amy. She smiled and took a sip, hoping to please the nurse. It seemed to work and the nurse grudgingly walked away, taking a seat by the window.

“I need you to do something for me,” Amy said in a low voice as Ephraim pulled a chair over to the bed and sat.


“I need all the pieces to the broken mirror.” She glanced up at the nurse who was watching like a hawk. Amy took another sip of wine and yawned.

“Why would you want that for?”

“I just do, okay,” Amy pleaded with her eyes for him to understand the urgency behind her words, but he didn’t.

“You need to rest for now.” He stood up from his chair.

“No, I can’t! Not without the mirror.”

Ephraim sighed and then chuckled, a light airy laugh. “Do you want your nurse to murder me? I wouldn’t put it past her.”

“Please?” Amy felt tired; her head thick from the wine. It didn’t help that the heavy blankets pressed down on her like a butterfly in a cocoon.

“You sleep and I’ll see what I can do.”

Amy had no strength to argue so she nodded and rolled over to sleep.


Saturday, April 9, 2011

Almost My Birthday!

Three more days until I turn twenty-years-old! That's just crazy to think I was born two decades ago on April 12, 1991 at 12:16 pm. I certainly don't feel twenty yet. I feel like a kid. I think it's harder for my parents to believe I won't be a teenager anymore. Well, I'm glad I survived my teen years, not that they were hard or anything. Hopefully my twenties will be more exciting. Maybe I'll finally sell my book and people will stop asking if I'm in 8th grade.

So for my birthday I will be going to the zoo because I have a school project that day, funny how that worked out :)

So now that I'm going to be an official adult and all, I guess I'll have to be more serious...  or not. I'm fine with being goofy and crazy until the day I die, haha!

I haven't blogged in a while and I appologize for that. Not that many people read my blog, but there are a few of you out there.  School has kept me very busy. I'm looking for a new university to go to and trying to find a second job. Did you know college was expensive? Who would have thought, haha!

That's all for now,
A. J. Spindle

Saturday, February 26, 2011

Please excuse the broken links. This blog is under construction!

Sunday, February 20, 2011

New Short

A snippet of my new short story. I could turn it into a book, but I've set it aside for now. Enjoy. (note: this has not been edited and errors are sure to be present).

There was a knock at the door. I muted the television and set my popcorn down on the table. When I opened the door, I’m sure my jaw dropped, but I don’t really remember. All I know is that when my eyes adjusted to the brightness of the sun, I saw my mother standing in the doorway, smiling like she’d never left. Like her presence now could somehow make up for the past nine years.
  “Mom,” I said as curtly as I could, “you’re not supposed to be here until tonight.” I leaned against the open door, blocking the entrance with my body.
“Brianna, darling, I’ve missed you,” Cynthia said. Dad said I wasn’t allowed to call her Cynthia to her face, but that didn’t stop me from thinking it.
“It’s Bree now, actually,” I said, “but you wouldn’t know that.”
“Oh, I’m sorry, Bree.” She smiled like she’d told a joke. That just put more fuel on the fire. “Can I come in?”
Not after what you’ve put this family through, no. Do you think you can just waltz back into our lives like you never left? “Sure,” I said. I didn’t want her in the house. I didn’t want her to poison it like she did the last one. I wouldn’t forget what she did to me when she left me crying in my bedroom floor when I was seven. I moved aside, just enough for her to slide past me into the living room.
“This is nice,” she said.
I didn’t say anything back. Instead I plopped back onto the couch and turned up the volume on the television.
“Where’s your father?” Cynthia asked.
“Dunno.” I stared blankly at the screen like a zombie, thinking maybe if I tried hard enough, she’d go away.
“Where’s your brother?” she asked after an uncomfortable minute of silence.
“Which one?” I tossed a popcorn kernel in the air and caught it in my mouth.
She was quiet for a second as she thought that over. “Brayden, of course,” she finally said.
“What? Didn’t you know I had two bothers now?”
“Your father neglected to mention it,” she said. That pleased me. If Dad was keeping her out of the loop, she might not even know he’s married again.
“Did he tell you about Mom?” I don’t ever call my stepmother “Mom” but I did it just to see her reaction. She didn’t even blink which disappointed me.
“Yes, I’ve heard about Kristen. Is she...” she searched for words, “nice?”
“She’s the greatest. We do everything together.” That was a lie too. Kristen and I get a long just fine, but we don’t hang out. Not the way my real mother and I used to.
“I see,” she said.
I cocked my head to the side and looked her in the eyes. “Is there something you wanted?”
Her eyebrows knitted together. “Brianna Fletcher, do not talk to your mother that way.”
I lost it.
“Who do you think you are? You just show up on our doorstep like some stray cat and expect us to invite you in? You left us. You left me.” My voice broke on the last word and I kicked myself internally. “You are no mother of mine.” I stared back at the TV like nothing had happened.
Cynthia stood from the couch. “I see your father’s temper has rubbed off on you,” she muttered.
“Better than yours.”
  “Maybe I’ll come back when he gets home, then, hmm?”
“Does it look like I care what you do?” I snapped. She stood by the door for a minute with her fingers around on the handle, like she couldn’t decide what to do.
“I guess--”
“Cynthia?” Dad’s voice wafted in from the kitchen. Oh, great.