Thursday, October 15, 2009

There is an awesome contest taking place here:

you can win a book called "Hush Hush" by Becca Fitzpatrick!!

Just do what it tells you to!

Tuesday, October 13, 2009


I just wrote this poem:

Rain, rain, go away, let me see the sun today
Split the clouds, let the rays shine through,
Or, here I'll sit, without a view
Water is splashing in my shoes,
Oh why didn’t I tell my alarm clock to snooze.
The rain drops pounding on my head
Through puddles of water I dare to tread,
Oh boy, I should have stayed home in bed.

But here I am, walking to my car,
An orange beacon in the dark
I put the key in the ignition,
And turn it 'till it sparks.
Now here I sit, drenched to the skin
Only to see the sun surface again,
Under blankets of gray,
So I turn to the sky and then I say,
Rain, rain,
stay away, let me see the sun today.

Friday, October 9, 2009

This Week Has Been AMAZING!

So I woke up extremely late today. I'm talking 2 o'clock in the afternoon late! So anyway, I woke up and rolled over and picked up my iPod Touch from my nightstand to check my email. I had 11 unopened emails and I was elated! I never have very much. I opened the first email from my friend L. J. Boldyrev, it said:


My first reaction was "whaaaattt??" then when I was awake enough to remember "OH SNAP!" I opened the next email from Flux Books:

Your trick-or-treating story has earned you a free, autographed copy of BALLAD by Maggie Stiefvater! Very adorable, kina spookky and slightly embarassing -- a job well done :)"

I was in disbelief. I. Never. Win. Anything. EVER! I also had a text message
from LJ as well! (Oh, and even a missed call, she made me laugh!) It's because of her that I won! So THANK YOU LJ FOR MAKING ME ENTER THE CONTEST!! Yes, she told me about the contest via AIM and told me I had to enter right that very second. So I did. :)

I jumped out of bed and ran to my closet to find some warm clothes (high of 60 degrees today, currently 53) and ran to my computer. It was
true, I won!

I logged on and emailed Flux books my mailing address and a quick thank you. I'm still in shock. BALLAD is written by Maggie Stiefvater. I have been a fan of Maggie's since I cracked open the spine of SHIVER, (a gift from LJ, my BFF!) and I loved it. This has been the best week of my life in a long time!

Here's me with the book!
I was like "Look Mom! Maggie signed it!"
It was a dream come true.
If you haven't read Maggie's work, then what are you doing reading this blog?? GO READ IT NOW!!

Just yesterday I got my test results back for a very hard American Lit. test that I spent hours studying for. I was so happy. Plus we had to turn in two essays with our test.
As I walked into my 8AM english class yesterday I saw that my teacher had finally finished grading our excruciatingly confusing essays. I saw all the green markings on my paper and freaked out. I was sad because I knew that meant a low grade. My teacher was coming around to record the grades and I knew I'd have to face the music eventually so I flipped my paper over. In the bottom left corner on the back of a journal entry I saw a small green letter and my heart stopped. Written there was an 'A' and my teacher NEVER gives out 'A's all willy-nilly. Then she came to my desk and I showed her my grade and she said "Oh, I bet you're surprised. You must have done a good job to get that grade!" I was so happy!

I am going to apply to Barnes and Noble either today or tomorrow. I've filled out the application, I just need to hand it in. While I'm there I'm going to get "A Touch of Dead" by Charlaine Harris. It's a collection of short stories about Sookie Stackhouse. My friend LJ wrote a blog review about it. Go check out what she said:
Make sure you leave a COMMENT for LJ, tell her AJ sent you!! :)

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That's all for now,
A. J. Spindle