Friday, May 1, 2009

Writing and Stuff

So this is my book trailer that I made for my second book, Vampire Prince (I made the music and all!). I'm not finished with it yet and it won't be done for a long time... (because of my schedule) But I was to excited to put this off any longer. I need to get writing on that instead of blogging and twittering all the time. But, oh well. :)

Anyway, hopefully I can find a literary agent for my first children's fantasy book. I've been querying all over and nobody seems to be interested in a story about a boy who must rescue an island full of people, from a malicious, dark, evil person named Luciadoye a.k.a Oliver Smith. I mean, I think it's a great plot, but it doesn't matter what I think. I started writing it when I was bored one day over summer break 2007. I wanted something to do so I pulled out a notebook and a blue pen and wrote (what is now chapter 3) a short story. After reading it to my dad, he suggested that I get it published. I had not even considered it until then. So I wrote and I wrote, 42,000 words and 1 year later, I've got myself my first children's book. I started the second book about the boy, thinking I would make it into a series, but writing is A LOT of work! You can't just sit down and type whatever you want. It has to be somewhat believable, even when writing about vampires or dragons. :)

College is hard on me too. I'm taking English Comp I, among my other classes, and it's literally draining the life out of me. We write essays or short papers EVERYDAY! Don't get me wrong.... I do like writing, but I like to write about what I want to write about, and on my own time. Plus, I receive grades for these papers and therefore must stress over every last detail in order to make it as close to perfect as humanly possible. Which to my professor (if you read this, sorry!) is way beyond my capabilities. I can turn in what I think is a flawless paper and still receive an 'F'. But that is her job, to criticize my work and give me a grade. But still, she did help me learn a lot about analyzing text and pictures (I wrote 4 pages on just a picture!). I'm glad this semester is almost over. Did I really just graduate in January?? It feels like I've been out of high school for a lot longer than that. I miss KHS more than I thought I would. I miss my friends, my classes, and even *dun, dun, dunnn*... my teachers! I know, I must be crazy to miss them, but I do. :(

Wow, this is a very long blog... well, thank you to those of you stuck through to the end!

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