Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Youtube and School

My fish is slowly dying. I've had him/her (I never thought it was polite to ask!) for 2 years now. He (I will call it a "him" for simplicity's sake) has a wound on his stomach and on his back. He is a plocostomus fish, or sucker fish as I call it. He's been hanging around the back of the tank for a few days now and this morning when I went to check on him, he was half way floating but still kickin'. I have two sucker fish in my 55 gallon tank and the other fish is trying to eat the sick one so I am constantly trying to tap on the glass and make him stop.

Anyway in other news, I am taking my online BCIS class and it's a lot of work. I don't have much time for anything else lately. I did get to go swimming the other day and that was nice, it was 90 degrees outside and the pool had nice shade over it. I bought a swim suit finally. I've needed a new one for a few years now. It's pink tho and I hate pink, ha ha. But it was the only one that covered my body to a modest point.

I have been working on school so much that I have not been able to write. It's kind of sad because I will think of something great to write about but then I will forget it by the time I sit down to write it. I am making more youtube video's tho. I have started a new channel called Daily Dose of Cullen for all my twilight related news. I want to find some people to help me with that channel one day. Then we could post a new video everyday. I have about 52 subscribers right now on my main channel: Sibi098 and that's going along great. I have a green screen that I'm learning to use and also some new software.

I am reading "A Far Sweet Thing" by Libba Bray and while I lost interest in it during the middle of the book, I slowly sank back into the story later on. I'm almost done with it and I am quite surprised by some of the events that take place.

This is all I have time to write about for now because my school work is calling me, and so is my cup of coffee waiting to be poured. I will write again later when I have more time, or more interesting things to write about.

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