Saturday, March 20, 2010

I've hit 50k words!

To celebrate reaching 50k words, I've uploaded another snippet for you. This is from the beginning of the book.

“I really have to be going now. My friends are waiting for me out in the front,” I don’t know why I didn’t trust her, something about her was unnerving. Was she the Moldovia? She was beautiful like Nicholai. What were my chances of screaming? Could he hear me if I tried. Of course he could, he has vamp hearing.

“Come with me,” she said more stern, she knew I was on to her. A weapon… I needed a weapon. What could be used as a weapon in a bathroom? The only thing close to me was a roll of toilet paper. It’s not like I could wrap her up in it like a mummy and expect that to hold her. No, I needed to think. Adrenaline was swiftly escaping into my veins and she saw the panicky look on my face.

“Are you going to come quietly?” A wicked smile surfaced on her face. I had to scream, Nicholai wouldn’t let them take me, not without a fight. I drew in a long quick breath, readying myself for the shriek, but the woman guessed my next move and stopped me. She wrapped herself around me covering my mouth with her hand. I tried to scream but it was muffled.

“Oh, we don’t need your little boyfriend to interrupt us. See, if your dead than he doesn’t have to keep watching over you. We’re doing him a favor,” she chuckled. I panicked. I struggled to get free but she was so physically powerful that I couldn’t. I opened my mouth under her hand and grabbed what small amount of flesh I could between my teeth. I bit down as hard as I could until I tasted blood. She shrieked in pain.

“Why you little maggot!” She released me, just the reaction I was hoping for. I took this opportunity to burst through the exit out into the store. Nicholai was standing with Chloe at the counter, paying for their goodies.

“Help!” I cried, throwing my hands in the air. I was running full speed toward Nicholai. He grabbed Chloe and thrust her behind his body for protection. I was almost to him when the woman grabbed my left arm.

“Let her go, Mandy,” he roared. His fiery eyes revealed his hatred. He looked very cold and enraged. He looked Malicious.

“Now why would I do that?” she sang, smiling viciously. It happened so fast the memory is just a blur to me. Nicholai had lunged at her throat. She jumped back just in time, releasing me. Mandy held out her hands like lethal claws and began slashing about the room missing Nicholai by inches every time. A big man walked in and sat staring at us. I tried to warn him with my eyes, tried to tell him to get out of here. Then he walked over and stood by Chloe and grabbed her arm, he was one of them. At this point I wasn’t thinking. My adrenaline was fueling my actions.

I dashed across the small open space to the man and kicked him in the shin. He let go of Chloe and grabbed a handful of my hair and pulled me out the door. I looked at Chloe, her face full of tears and horror. Then I saw Nicholai behind her, crumpled on the floor, his right shoulder bleeding freely. This was it, I thought. There taking me away to kill me. The large man took me outside and threw me into a windowless van tying my hands together behind my back.

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  1. This was really nice!!! Congratulations on reaching 50K I myself reached it this morning!!! Hooray!!