Saturday, March 13, 2010

The Worst Day Ever

I found this old story I wrote from 2001, when I was 10. I wrote it after September 11th. I just found it today and I thought I'd share it with you. Here it goes.

(I did not change anything. This is exactly what the 10 year old me wrote so please excuse the appalling grammar mistakes)

The Worst Day Ever
By: Me

Arnold Fog is an average 12 year old boy. He loved to skateboard and swim in the summer, but more than anything he loved to do things with his dad. Sometimes he would spend the whole day playing catch in the back yard with his dad. Like other kids he had a younger sister and brother. His sisters name is Sarah Fog and his brothers name is Josh Fog. Sarah is 8 years old. She plays soccer. Josh plays basketball he is 7. Arnold has a best friend his name is Same he is also 12. Sam and Arnold would go to a baseball camp in the middle of summer. In the summers Sam always spent the night at Arnold's house on Saturdays. Arnold always spent the night at Sam's house on Fridays to escape the little kids in his house. Josh always wants to go to with him but he is to little and will get in the way.

Life as arnold knew it would not be the same for long. Little did he know that his parents were planning to tell him about a big change. There family is moving to New York! When he did find out he was sad that he had to move away from Sam but happy that he gets his own room instead of having to share it with Josh. This he thought to himself would be the best way to spend more time with his dad, but he was wrong. It just so happened that his dad was the reason that he is having to move you see their father had got a job in this cool building called the Twin Towers. His dad was so excited to hear the news of his promotion that he actually ignored his children when they begged and pleaded no tot go, but one week later there they were in the big New York. It wasn't so bad. It almost felt like home. This was in September of 2000.

About a year later the worst thing that could ever happen happened. The cool buildings called the Twin Towers blew up, two planes crashed into them. People were searching for their loved ones everywhere. When Arnold heard the news he began to cry. He knew somehow that his dad wouldn't be coming home from work like all the other daddy's again. His mom did the best that she could do to calm her children. Everyone around the world was confused and devastated that someone would do something like this. A lot of kids were orphans now. Arnold, Sarah, and Josh asked were their daddy had gone. Their mother calmed herself and steadily said that their daddy was in a beautiful place called Heaven.

They watched the news all day. They were shocked to see the list of peoples names that had been found dead. Firefighters had not found anyone resembling Robert Fog. As the children were thinking about what might happen next the phone rang and startled them. On the other end of the phone it was a man with the name of Dr. Goobert. He had bad news. As the children listened to their mother talk on the phone she began to cry. She told the kids that their daddy had been found. The children cheered. Then she continued to tell them that their dad is hurt badly. Then they were sad again. She grabbed the car keys, loaded the children in the car, and drove to the hospital where her husband was. When they arrived their mother took them to a white room that had one bed in it. In the bed was their daddy. As they walked closer they could tell that he was hooked up to many, many machines. They talked to him for a while but then something happened he began to stop breathing. Their mom ran and found a nurse that could help, but it was too late. Their daddy had just died.

She immediately took the kids home and explained what had happened as best she could. She told them that daddy will always be with them forever like an unseen guest. That we would be in their heart, and even though you cant see him he is watching over you. Arnold thought of all the children and families around the world that lost someone too. He wanted to do something but he felt that he would have no importance but he tried anyway. He made cards and handed them out to people. Sarah an Josh still didn't understand. When their mom was cleaning his briefcase she found a note. She read it out loud and this is what it said...

Dear Family,
September 11, 2001
I am about to go to work but I had to say something. I have been thinking what if something ever happens to me. I would miss you terribly. Please don't cry and be sad about me dying. I will be in a wonderful place. I will always be with you no matter where you are. I am going to be late to work so I have to go now bye.

I love you all so much, Daddy

Wow their mom was really amazed now she began to cry again she didn't know how she could ever live on but when she saw those little faces of her children she realized what she was there for. To raise 3 beautiful children. Life wasn't the same but they still played sports and went to school like normal kids of their ages. Things did get better. Its been 3 years since then and they are the wealthiest family ever. Not because of fortune but because they were still a family and they had each other. Arnold is 15, Sarah is 12, and Josh is 11 now and they are always spending time together playing catch in the back yard. Arnold treats his brother and sister like his father would have.



  1. Wow this is amazing... and quite emotional. I loved it.... 10 year old you was amazing!

  2. Thank you :D

    I didn't even remember writing this until I stumbled across it today, haha.

  3. Sad :(
    I agree with Jen. You were already quite the writer.