Tuesday, October 13, 2009


I just wrote this poem:

Rain, rain, go away, let me see the sun today
Split the clouds, let the rays shine through,
Or, here I'll sit, without a view
Water is splashing in my shoes,
Oh why didn’t I tell my alarm clock to snooze.
The rain drops pounding on my head
Through puddles of water I dare to tread,
Oh boy, I should have stayed home in bed.

But here I am, walking to my car,
An orange beacon in the dark
I put the key in the ignition,
And turn it 'till it sparks.
Now here I sit, drenched to the skin
Only to see the sun surface again,
Under blankets of gray,
So I turn to the sky and then I say,
Rain, rain,
stay away, let me see the sun today.

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