Saturday, October 30, 2010

I think I'm addicted to keeping fish. I now have three fish tanks in my game room. One 2.5 gallon with a male betta fish. One 15 gallon with 1 silver dollar, 3 mickey mouse platies, and 1 peppered cory catfish. And in the third tank, a 55 gallon, I have 1 common pleco, 1 rubbernose pleco, 7 golden tetras, and 6 tiger barbs.

I don't know why fish keeping is so much fun. I love to rearrange the tank and add new plants. The fish are active and darting around the tank, chasing each other and it's fun to watch! Recently, my friend L. J. Boldyrev has joined the fish loving club. Her 10 gallon is beautifully decorated and full of pretty neon tetras, glass fish, a frog, snail, and a featherfin catfish. Daily we discuss our fishies and how happy they make us.

Recently, my bunny rabbit, Lola, passed away from flystrike. She died a horrible death and I was really sad. But these new fish have helped distract me from thinking of her. She was a great bunny. Always the calmest, gentlest, and most loving of all my rabbits. She never once growled at me, or thumped, or tried to bite or claw me. She just sat there and let me pet her and brush her fur. She was always happy and loved to move the hay around in her cage and build a nest for winter. She was very special. I adopted her when she was 1 year old. I had her for 3 short years. Her cage may be empty, but she left my heart full of joy. I buried her in the back yard under a peach tree and decorated her grave with pretty rocks.

It’s been a week since you left 
And here I sit alone, 
Collecting your pictures. 
Thinking if only 
I would have known 
That that day was your last.  
I’d have given you a hug,
Maybe kissed your nose,
Tickled your ears,
Or played with your toes.
I miss your eyes,
They way you lit up a room.
I miss the way you
Would try to groom
My arm with your tongue.
I wish you were still here,
You were so young.
Now you’re gone and all I have
Are memories to which I’ve clung
To, to get me through this time.
You had me wrapped
Around your paw,
And I was trapped in your love.
I will never forget you
As you watch from above.

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  1. Another very sweet poem. You've got some lucky critters to have a *mommy* like you. <3