Saturday, November 7, 2009

Short story time!

Once upon a time, a girl, just 18 years old, got a license to become a space pilot just like she always dreamed of.
On her first trip into the great unknown she decides to text her bff Lacey and see if she wanted to go with her.
Of course Lacey said "YES!" So they got into the rocket ship and started it up.
They blasted off into outer space and were having a really great time star gazing when Lacey started pouting. Amanda asked her friend what was wrong. Lacey said that she was sad because she would never get to see the stars again because she lives in New York and there are to many lights there to see the sky. Amanda decides to help her friend by catching a star to take home with them. She puts on her helmet and hands Lacey the steering wheel.
Amanda goes out and captures the first star she sees and seals the lid onto the jar. She floats back to the shuttle and Lacey opens the door for her.
"Here you go, Lacey," she says.
Lacey is so happy that Amanda caught a star for her to take home that she decides to write a story about it when they returned to earth. Lacey writes this story into a novel which sells 1 million copies world wide. Lacey becomes rich and buy's a cottage and a mac book. They all lived happily ever after.

The end.

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